Adult Psychiatry Specialist Training Program


The adult psychiatry specialist training program was developed in response to national and local demand in the mental health field; it was established as a response to a significant shortage of specialists in this area, favoring timely, equitable and accessible care for adults suffering from mental pathologies. This program was created with the goal of training specialists in adult psychiatry with the necessary skills to provide quality care to individuals and their families; all with a strong sense of community and social service.

This program was created within the context of the creation of the Medical Specialties Postgraduate unit, using the University of Antofagasta's own resources as well as resources from the FIC-R 30488818-0 "Human capital development through the training of specialists" project.

Duration: The program has a duration of 3 years, with 4 weeks of break per school year, and acts in accordance with legal holidays for those professionals coming from an institution with whom they maintain a contractual link. Holidays are not cumulative, cannot be divided and will be taken preferably in December, January, and February, in an order determined by the Program's Director.

To train specialists in adult psychiatry, skilled in a biopsychosocial approach to individuals and communities in the areas of promotion, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of mental health issues, who are able to understand and treat adult psychiatric pathologies in different levels of care while performing their professional activity with a strong focus in equity, quality, and ethical practice, integrating the geographical and sociocultural characteristics of the Antofagasta region into their professional practice.

Adult Psychiatrists who graduate from the University of Antofagasta’s training program will have the skills to approach adult psychiatric pathologies efficiently and integrally; they will also have the skills needed to apply mental health promotion and prevention strategies on individual, family, and community levels, incorporating the region’s sociocultural aspects in their practice and never straying from ethical behavior in line with the University of Antofagasta’s principles and values.

The adult psychiatry program will be carried out mainly within the University of Antofagasta campus, and the different mental health services linked to Antofagasta’s Health Service.

The infrastructure and equipment granted to the program by the University of Antofagasta corresponds to the Clinical Area Building and the and the University of Antofagasta’s Clinical Hospital. Residents will also be in permanent interaction with the services that form Antofagasta’s Health Service’s mental health network, such as the Regional Hospital of Antofagasta’s Psychiatry Service.

In addition, they will make rotations through the city of Antofagasta’s north, center and south COSAM.

Ministerial Scholarships:

Annual Tuition Fee: $7.372.142 CLP
Registration Fee: $300.000 CLP

Self-financed, teaching grants, and others:

Annual Tuition Fee: $6.500.000 CLP
Registration Fee: $300.000 CLP

Student quota

The number of seats is decided each year by the Program’s Advisory Board.

Requirements for application are defined in articles 7 and 8 of the ”University of Antofagasta’s General Regulations for Postgraduate Programs in Medical Specialties”.

Applicants to a postgraduate degree in a medical specialty must meet the following admission requirements:

  • To have a Physician professional diploma awarded by a Chilean university. Degrees awarded by foreign universities must comply with all the requirements established by law for the profession to be validly exercised in Chile.
  • Chilean applicants must have taken and passed the National Examination of Knowledge in Medicine (EUNACOM) or an equivalent in accordance with current regulations. This will not be required of applicants that graduated before 2003.

Each program will apply a relevant and specific assessment test and/or qualification calculation according to each specialty’s requirements.

The application process will be carried out before the Program, in a modality set by the Board for each call, and applicants must attach the following documentation:

  • Physician Professional Diploma.
  • EUNACOM pass certificate.
  • National Medical Qualification.
  • Scientific work.
  • Participation in assistant teacher programs.
  • Participation in university teaching.
  • Work experience.
  • Attendance to courses and conferences.
  • Professional development activities.
  • Outstanding student quality.
  • Undergraduate grades report, from which aspects relevant to each postgraduate program will be evaluated according to the Board’s previous decision.

The score will be determined by the Applicants Selection Board and will be set according to a score guideline for each requested item, given to the applicants in a timely manner through the application bases.

There are many selection processes depending on the type of contest offered by the program, which is reviewed every year by the Program’s Advisory Board and must be directly related to current offers made by MINSAL.

MINSAL Quota Selection process:

Rules and contest dates through MINSAL page (EDF, CONISS, CONE).

Requirements for selection: HABILITATION

Applicants who meet the requirements for applying must participate in a process that allows them to enter the program, in accordance with the following qualification milestones:

  • Psychological evaluation by a professional recommended by the Program’s Selection Board, who will perform an evaluation through a semi-structured interview and the application of a test that defines whether the applicant is psychologically able to enter the program.
  • Interview with Psychiatrists teaching the Program. (3 professionals minimum, one of which must be the program’s director or their representative)
  • Presenting a dossier with the documents required for application. The program’s selection board, through its Director, will inform applicants of results through their official channels of communication.

Application dates

Ministerial competitions are governed by the calendar published by MINSAL.

Application and selection process contact

Director: Dr. Luis Barra Ahumada.
Phone: 55-2637082

Postgraduate Unit Secretary: Ximena Sánchez Aracena.
Phone: 55-2637082

Program Start Date

  • May each year.
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