Master's in Biomedical Science, Mentions in Reproductive Biology, Applied Microbiology, and Applied Physiology


The Master's in Biomedical Sciences Program aims to deepen knowledge in particular areas of Biomedical Sciences, enabling students to perform basic or applied research through the use of the scientific method.

The Master's in Biomedical Sciences is an option to be considered mainly by professionals trained in biology coming from fields such as Medicine, Odontology, Biological Sciences, Medical Technology, Obstetrics and Kinesiotherapy, among others, who want to opt for a more solid conceptual and experimental training. In this sense, the Master's Degree will consolidate their training, granting them a greater level academic degree in specific disciplines.

Duration: The student of the program must meet the requirements to obtain the Master's Degree within a minimum period of 2 years and a maximum of 4 years, starting from the date on which they were accepted as a student.

It consists of a set of basic common courses and basic courses specific to each mention to be taken in the first semester, along with specialization courses, elective general training courses, and research units particular to each mention. An original thesis is developed throughout the second year.

2021 Fees
  • Annual fee: $1.100.000 CLP
  • Basic fee: $70.000 CLP
  • Program Fee Release scholarships exempt their beneficiary from the obligation to pay their respective program’s tuition fees, either fully or partially. However, they must still pay the registration fee in full.
  • Productivity Allocation scholarships are intended to incentivize students taking postgraduate programs to publish their research in scientific journals. If the publication is in a journal indexed in Web of Science’s (WoS) Journal Citation Report (JCR), this will consist of 15 UF. If the publication is in the SCOPUS or Scielo systems, this will consist of 6 UF. For this purpose, that year’s January 2nd UF value will be used, and it will only be awarded once per publication.
  • Other scholarships, without excluding the aforementioned benefits, Research Centers or other units within the University may use their own resources to provide the University’s graduate students with other benefits.

Students with a Bachelor’s Degree or an equivalent professional degree in any area of science may apply for the program. Candidates must apply to the program during the official established period, documenting their application as requested. Accepted candidates must pay the registration and enrollment fees to the University of Antofagasta during the established period and enroll into curricular activities corresponding to each academic period on the specified dates.

Up until November of each year.

Request and documents
Submitting an admission request letter to the Program’s Director, accompanied by a personal history form, a Curriculum Vitae, two letters of recommendation and, in relevant cases, a letter from the institution sponsoring the applicant.

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