Master's in Education: Reflective Practice in Diverse Context


The Master's degree in Education: Reflective Practice in Diverse Contexts is a professionally oriented program. Its purpose is, from a heuristic and systemic basis, to appropriate, problematize, and deepen the construction of reflective-investigative exercises that address the diversity present in the educational context, thus strengthening the improvement of teaching and learning processes in different levels. Its general goal is to train graduates with skills that allow them to create and evaluate educational transformation programs through reflective practice, and to conduct research for the improvement of teaching practices. The Master's in Education program functions in a professional and in-person manner, within the context of the development of specialization for professionals in the education field. It has a duration of four semesters, with a total of 8 fundamental courses, 3 fundamental courses, and a final integration project.

People with a professional diploma or degree in the education field may join the program; those in related fields with a level and contents equivalent to those necessary to obtain a bachelor's degree may also join.

Duration: The Master's program has a duration of 4 semesters.

Didactics, Innovation, and Inclusion:

“Didactic strategies for inclusion in elementary classrooms”
“Inclusive didactics in Language and Literature”
“The solving of mathematical problems as a didactic strategy”
“Design of educational resources. Conceptual and methodological references”
“Learning and culture: how to build and strengthen identity in Elementary Education”
“Educational innovation in physical education”

Faculty Members:
– Dra. Roxana Acosta Peña
– Dra. Mailing Rivera Lam
– Dra. Miriam Baeza Toro

Associate Professors:
– Dra. © Nicole Riveros Diegues
– Dra. © Gisele Rejido Sánchez
– M.A. Sandra Honores Mamani
– M.A. Marta Vieyra Bravo
– M.A. Karen Troncoso Ulloa.

Teacher Training and Professional Development:

“Qualitative Research for educational change”
“Quantitative elements for the understanding of educational phenomena”
“The science teacher as a researcher”
“Sports Management, an educational perspective”

Faculty Members:
– Dr. Mario Tapia Henríquez
– Dr. Pablo Camus Galleguillos
– M.A. Tatiana Morales Silva

Associate professor:
– M.A. Camila Retamal

Education, Politics and Citizenship:

“Teaching citizenship in the Twenty-First Century. Fundamentals and Practices”
“Environmental education and Society”
“Understanding emerging social phenomena in education”
“Education and Sociological Analysis of Discourse Systems”

Faculty Members:
– Dr. Juan Salinas Valdés
– Dr. Pablo Camus Galleguillos
– Dr. Carlos Vargas Velandia

Associate Professor:
– M.A. Nicolás Ponce Díaz

2021 Fees
Registration Fee: $150.000 CLP.
Annual Program Fee: $1.850.000 CLP.

The following documentation must be presented to the Program’s Board within the established deadlines:

  • Justified request for admission into the Program, evidencing personal motivation and professional interest to enter the Program.
  • Legalized copy of professional diploma or academic degree and grades report.
  • Two letters of reference, preferably one of them should come from a current employer.
  • Support letter from the employer, if applicable.
  • Copy of ID card and/or Passport
  • Two passport-sized photos, including full name and RUT.
  • Curriculum vitae.
  • Foreign applicants must submit their documents, duly legalized by the corresponding authorities, during the first semester.

Applications and selection process
2021 Applications:

  • Applications start: December 1, 2020.
  • Applications end: January 15, 2021.

Selection process:

  • Third week of January 2021 – Personal interviews.


  • Fourth week of January 2021.

Start of Classes and Duration

  • Registration: March 2021.
  • Start of Classes: April 2021.
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