Master's in Social Sciences, Mentions in Social Management, Management and Strategic Communication


Professionally oriented postgraduate program that aims to contribute to the development of new skills and to successfully address social issues and their complex processes, which requires an increasingly interdisciplinary vision, as well as the comprehension and analysis of historical, economical, sociological, and cultural perspectives within frequently changing scenarios and management paradigms. The curriculum is organized in three semesters, grouping all common courses in the first semester and all specialty courses particular to each mention in the second semester. Thus, finishing in the third semester with a graduation project.

* No applications for 2021

Duration: It has a duration of three academic semesters with classes, with weekend classes every 15 days (in person): Friday afternoons from 19:00 to 22:15, and Saturdays from 8:30 to 15:00, alongside inter-period projects (semi-remote)

* The program will undergo a curricular redesign process during 2021

  • Registration Fee: $150.000 CLP
  • Program Fee: $2.490.000 CLP (payable in 15 $166.000 installments)
Internal Scholarships
  • Program Fee Release scholarships exempt their beneficiary from the obligation to pay their respective program’s tuition fees, either fully or partially. However, they must still pay the registration fee in full.
  • Productivity Allocation scholarships are intended to incentivize students taking postgraduate programs to publish their research in scientific journals. If the publication is in a journal indexed in Web of Science’s (WoS) Journal Citation Report (JCR), this will consist of 15 UF. If the publication is in the SCOPUS or Scielo systems, this will consist of 6 UF. For this purpose, that year’s January 2nd UF value will be used, and it will only be awarded once per publication.
  • Other scholarships, without excluding the aforementioned benefits, Research Centers or other units within the University may use their own resources to provide the University’s graduate students with other benefits.

  • Application Form. Download 
  • Legalized photocopy of the applicant’s Professional Diploma; only a simple photocopy is required if they come from the University of Antofagasta.
  • Birth Certificate.
  • Two passport-sized photos, including full name and RUT.
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