Master's in Physical Activity, Sports and Health


* No applications for 2021

* This program is currently undergoing a curricular redesign process

The Master's in Physical Activity, Sports and Health program is a professional program aimed toward the physical activity, nutrition, and sports fields, and the mechanisms that impact people's health. This program looks for candidates who are professionals interested in specializing and deepening their knowledge in these areas, in search for applied scientific evidence that allows them to answer the practical questions in their professional work by incorporating new knowledge and technologies to optimize their community's well-being and quality of life, be it at sea level or at high altitudes.

It is aimed at Physical Education Teachers, Kinesiologists, Physicians, Nurses, Nutritionists and any professionals with an interest and affinity for physical activity, nutrition, sports, and their impact on people's health. Duration: This program is taught in-person and has a duration of 4 semesters, in which there are two key milestones: the 1st milestone happens after passing all first-year courses, at which point the student is awarded an intermediate diploma as a Postgraduate in Physical Activity, Sports and Health. The 2nd milestone happens after passing all courses in the program and the defense of an activity equivalent to a thesis, called Personal Innovation Project, which allows the student to obtain the Master's in Physical Activity, Sports and Health.

The curriculum is aimed for the Program’s students to be able to formulate, manage, apply, and evaluate development plans, intervention programs and projects in physical activity, sports and health in their community or sports centers, both at sea level and at high altitudes.

Additionally, it aims to nurture creative and innovative professionals who lead a permanent search to integrate scientific proof and new knowledge to physical conditioning, training, nutrition, rehabilitation, or other activities of their professional exercise, with an ethical component according to the principles presented in the Declaration of Helsinki regarding human experimentation.

The Master’s in Physical Activity, Sports and Health program consists of a total of 35 credits in the 1st year (equivalent to 945 hours) and 42 credits the 2nd year (equivalent to 1134 hours); therefore, of a total of 77 credits for the Complete Program. This considers that a credit is equivalent to 27 chronological hours of work, as stated in the transferable credits system (SCT), following the definitions of the Institutional Educational Project (PEI).

2020 Fees
  • Registration Fee: $100.000 CLP
  • Program Fee: $2.400.000 CLP
Internal Scholarships
  • Program Fee Release scholarships exempt their beneficiary from the obligation to pay their respective program’s tuition fees, either fully or partially. However, they must still pay the registration fee in full.
  • Productivity Allocation scholarships are intended to incentivize students taking postgraduate programs to publish their research in scientific journals. If the publication is in a journal indexed in Web of Science’s (WoS) Journal Citation Report (JCR), this will consist of 15 UF. If the publication is in the SCOPUS or Scielo systems, this will consist of 6 UF. For this purpose, that year’s January 2nd UF value will be used, and it will only be awarded once per publication.
  • Other scholarships, without excluding the aforementioned benefits, Research Centers or other units within the University may use their own resources to provide the University’s graduate students with other benefits.

All people with a Bachelor’s Degree or an equivalent professional degree may apply to the program. Candidates must apply during the official established period, documenting their application as requested. Once accepted to join the master’s program as students, applicants must pay registration fees and yearly fees to the University of Antofagasta, according to the corresponding values, within the deadlines established by the University; in addition to enrolling in the curricular activities corresponding to each academic period within the specified dates.

Application date: October 01, 2019, and March 15, 2020.

The documents that will be required to apply are:

  • Legalized copy of Bachelor’s Degree or Professional Diploma Certificate.
  • Grade report certificate.
  • Birth Certificate.
  • Curriculum vitae.  CV Format
  • Two letters of recommendation.
  • Two ID photos.
  • Application form. Download

Using this documentation, the Program’s Board will select applicants through a personal interview.

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