PhD in Physics, Mention in Mathematical Physics


The main goal of the PhD in Physics with a mention in Mathematical Physics program is to train Doctors who, in addition to their deep knowledge of the physical laws of nature and state-of-the-art knowledge in their specialization area, will have the relevant training in mathematics to reinforce their ability to solve complex problems of both theoretical and applied nature. Using these skills, future Doctors will be able to carry out quality research, and to both lead research teams within academia and to create innovative contributions to science, as well as take part in cutting-edge interdisciplinary teams in technological or industrial R&D centers at a national or international level.

Duration: The curriculum has a duration of 4 years.

Graduates of the PhD in Physics with a mention in Mathematical Physics have a strong grasp of mathematical treatments that complement their conceptual and practical training in Physics’ scientific foundations with their awareness of state-of-the-art developments in the area. They have skills that allow them to:

Face technical problems, carry out independent scientific research of the highest level, and create knowledge in the field of Physics and its applications.

Transfer their critical and creative thinking to other scientific and technological areas that require it.

Identify, evaluate, and propose strategies to solve research problems centered on innovation and the creation of new technologies.

Low and Medium Energy Physics.

  • Condensed matter and physical chemistry.
  • Quantum Information and Quantum Optics.
  • Plasma Physics.

High Energy and Gravity Physics.

  • Gravity and Quantum Gravitation Theories.
  • Unified and String Gauge Theories.
  • Astrophysics and Cosmology.

Math-Physics Problems.

  • Differential equations, algebraic equations and integrability.
  • Operator theory, matrices, and quantum properties.
  • Analytical, numerical, and statistical methods of problem solving.

The PhD in Physics with a mention in Mathematical Physics program is structured around an eight-semester four-year plan. It is divided into two stages: training and research. During the latter of which a doctoral thesis is developed.

Fundamental, complementary, and advanced courses must be studied during the first stage. According to the current credit load of the program, three physics fundamentals and two mathematics fundamentals courses must be taken.

Four complementary courses and three advanced courses must also be taken. This initial stage ends with the preparation of the doctoral thesis project.

2021 Fees
  • Registration fee: $50.000 CLP
  • Annual program fee: $2.700.000 CLP
  • This is a currently accredited doctoral program, therefore, all regular students, including new entrants, may apply to CONICYT scholarships meant for doctoral studies. More information at CONICYT’s webpage: https://www.conicyt.cl/becasconicyt/
  • There are internal financing systems that may cover the entirety or a portion of student costs, including the annual fee. Scholarship System for Students of the Postgraduate Programs of the University of Antofagasta, according to Exempt Decree No. 1349 of 28.10.2019, considers the following:
  • Program Fee Release scholarships that exempt their beneficiary from the obligation to pay their respective program’s tuition fees, either fully or partially. However, they must still pay the registration fee in full.
  • Academic Excellence scholarships are awarded to postgraduate students in accredited programs or programs in accreditation or reaccreditation processes (with a report sent to the accrediting entity), considering the beneficiary’s academic merits, and they consist in a reduction of the program’s total tuition fees along with a monthly allowance. However, they must still pay the registration fee.
  • Financial Aid to attend congresses, which consists in support for accredited postgraduate students (or those in the accreditation process), will be granted after an application process that is available twice a year (first semester of each year for congresses taking place within that year’s second semester, and second semester for those taking place in the following year’s first semester). This support will consist of a financial aid equivalent to a verifiable maximum of 15 UF for national congresses and 25 UF maximum for international congresses. For this purpose, that year’s January 2nd UF value will be used.
  • Productivity Allocation scholarships are intended to incentivize students taking postgraduate programs to publish their research in scientific journals. If the publication is in a journal indexed in Web of Science’s (WoS) Journal Citation Report (JCR), this will consist of 15 UF. If the publication is in the SCOPUS or Scielo systems, this will consist of 6 UF. For this purpose, that year’s January 2nd UF value will be used, and it will only be awarded once per publication.
  • Other scholarships, without excluding the aforementioned benefits, Research Centers or other units within the University may use their own resources to provide the University’s graduate students with other benefits.

For more information, direct your questions to doctorado.fisica@uantof.cl

2022 Admissions are open
Until October 22, 2021 

Requirements for applicants

It is mandatory to hold a Bachelor or Master’s academic degree in Physics, Mathematics, or a related discipline to apply to this program.

Procedure to apply to the program

The applicant must submit the application form, along with all the required documentation

Mandatory documentation for all applicants:

  • Copy of Bachelor’s Degree or degree certificate
  • Copy of undergraduate grades report.
  • Letter of intent
  • ID or passport

Documentation to be attached only if applicable:

  • Copy of Master’s Degree or degree certificate
  • Undergraduate grades report.
  • Copy of published articles (journal or arXiv)
  • Certificates of participation in scientific congresses
  • Teaching performance certificates (university level only)
  • Other documents relevant to the application

Note: Accepted students who have obtained degrees at foreign universities must also present them apostilled or legalized, during the first semester of their studies.
The application form, along with the supporting documents, must be sent to the email doctorado.fisica@uantof.cl, strictly within the dates when the registration process is open. «Postulación al programa de Doctorado en Física» must be the email’s subject.
Each application must be accompanied by two letters of recommendation, which must be sent by the recommending academics, signed and scanned, directly to doctorado.fisica@uantof.cl. The name of the applicant must be indicated in the email where the letter of recommendation is attached. Applicants will not be considered if the two letters of recommendation have not been received by the end of the application process.
Direct your questions to doctorado.fisica@uantof.cl

Selection criteria

The applicants will be evaluated by weighing their traits according to the following table:

Trait Weight
Undergraduate Grade Point Average 36%
Postgraduate Grade Point Average 12%
Publications 15%
Letters of Recommendation 12%
Appearances at conferences 8%
Teaching experience 7%
Letter of intent 6%
Other documentation 4%
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